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August 18, 2013

From one of my previous post Gothic 3 Tone Honey,  I did mention the Gothic 3 Tone Green so here it is. ^_^ Since I did mention the general information about the circle lenses in the previous post. I'll just do a quick summary, if you want to read the full info then please click on the previous post. ^_^ 
  • EOS - Retails for $22.50 (£14.11) - Available in 9 colours - 1 Year life span - 14.5 diameter. LOL

These lenses will blend nicely in with your natural eye colour. However colour wise, I would say they only give your eyes like a "tint" of colour. Weather indoors or outdoors, the lenses will NOT look green lol (They will only show up green in flash). They give your eyes like a mysterious vibe/colour, since the green doesnt show up much. I would say its more of a grey tone green or Hazel. People will notice there's something different about your eyes, but majority of the time they wont notice you're wearing lenses unless they're close up. So these lenses are really natural, but maybe a bit too natural? xDD. If youre after a pop of colour, these lenses would not be recommend for you. As you can see in the photos - in the selfies, since the eyes are in distance to the camera you cant really see them at all. But in the close up of the eyes, you can see them. I do like the mysterious vibe it gives to your eyes but I would like them more if the green was more vibrant. So what do you think of these lenses? Do you like the natural-ness (is that even a word lol) or would you prefer them to be more bright?

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