The weather change in the UK is messing up my skin badly! >.< First a acne party, now dry skin. .__. I opted for Hada Labo's makeup remover as I keep seeing Jun Ji Hyun's Hada Labo commercials (so why not xD) and because it contains Super Hyaluronic Acid. SHA "hydrates and nourishes the skin for smooth, radiant and crystal-clear skin. it creates a moisture locking shield to help preserve skin's optimum moisture balance" -

This makeup remover is a cleansing liquid; Hada Labo also does a cleansing oil which is in a yellow bottle. The makeup remover is a water based, so it is mineral oils free. Its also does not contain colorants, alcohol or fragrances. So its great for those with sensitive skin. It has a runny gel consistency. The product is a transparent colour, not blue. It just has a blue bottle ^^

Its easy to use; you simply dispense 1-2 pumps onto your hands, then apply it onto a dry face and massage your face to melt and remove your make up. Then wash of the makeup remover with water and repeat it again. You will need to wash your face at least twice to remove all traces of makeup. Once will not be enough (as shown in the photos below). I think this is due to the gentle nature of the makeup remover.

It does remove makeup effectively, however I find that it doesn't remover mascara very well. Its gentle and does not leave my skin feeling dry. In fact it does feel slightly more hydrated. I like that it doesn't leave my face feeling greasy afterwards too. It didn't irritate my acne or cause further breakouts which is great!


  • Does not contain minerals oils, colorants, alcohol or fragrances
  • Easy to use
  • Hygienic packaging
  • Gentle
  • Great amount of product, will last for 3 months or more
  • Didn't cause further breakouts
  • Does not leave skin feeling dry afterwards


  • Can be expensive if you purchase this outside of Japan. On Amazon UK, this was sold for £25!
  • Does not remove mascara very well
  • Requires double cleansing

Rating: 7/10

Would I repurchase?

Maybe, the makeup remover isn't the best. It does remove majority of my makeup, its gentle and retains the moisture in my skin. However my makeup is usually quite heavy since I build up my foundation or BB cream to hide my acne and scars, so it takes longer for me to fully remove everything. >.<

Would I recommend it?

If you don't mind double cleansing, I think this is great for those that wear light make and have sensitive skin~ ^^ 

Have you tried any Hada Labo products? ^^


  1. never hear about this product, but result is enough good
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  4. Hadalabo makeup remover is not available in my country (T^T)
    But their gokujyun and shirojyun series is available here.
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    1. Thats sucks >.<
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