Hello~ ^^ Its been a while since i've wrote a wish list, so here we go~ This post is in collaboration with Dresslink.com. Dresslink is a online fashion retailer based in Hong Kong; they sell a huge range of fashion products, from clothing to accessories and bags. The prices they offer are absolutely fantastic, great for those that want to keep up with the latest fashion trend on a budget. Without any further forethought here are the items on my Dresslink wish list: ^__^

1) Mesh Panel Dress $4.41

Got to love some mesh panels! Mesh makes any outfit more edgy and interesting~

2) Bad Man Crop Top $4.07 

You guys know how I love my edge! The graphic crop top is perfect! and it reminds me of B.A.P's badman huehue :')

3) Red Off Shoulder Dress $5.67

Something a little different for me; the dress is elegant yet casual. Think this would be great to wear on a lovely summer day, on the beach or on a romantic date :') 

4) Black Chunky Heel Platform Boots $8.78

Do I need to say anymore? These boots are slayiinnngggggg!

5) Jumper Blouse $10.41


6) Night Club Dress $7.38

Perfect for clubbing or any parties :') You could also wear this as a casual outfit by throwing a oversized jacket or cardigan on top too.

7) Suspender Skirt $5.03

So many bloggers have this skirt and if you haven't noticed by now, yes I have a suspender obsession - so these are a must! ^.^ This would look great paired with a graphic shirt or blouse. Top off the look with some knee/thigh high socks for an adorable look.

This is my wish list for now, there are over 10,000+ items, so many to chose from - these are my top picks. Be sure to check out Dresslink.com for more items, the price is an utter killer to not check them out! When you sign up, you'll also receive discounts and coupons. ^.<

Which item is your favourite? Tell me in the comments below.

*This post is sponsored by Dresslink


  1. I am obsessed with mesh panels and suspender skirts too! Nice finds!

    { sparklesideup.com }

    1. High5 wowoow~ can never get enough of them! *^*

  2. Amazing wishlist *o* I love the first one, the boots and the last dresses *^*
    You have an amazing taste :3

    I'm following you (#200), I hope you can follow me back <3


    1. Loving your picks ^.~ Thank you~ aww sure i'll happily follow you back <3

  3. 😍toll

  4. Nice wishlist~ I love anything with mesh cut outs! And I've always wanted that suspender skirt too~

    1. Thank you~ yessss mesh cut outs are everything! Its really cool isn't it :')

  5. wow cool outfits, too bad I do not have the character to do so. =D

    1. ahhh give them a try, you won't full know until you do ^.<

  6. Owwwwwwwwww *-* beautiful <3