My friends keep telling me my facial expression looks confused... ;____; but this is my default face majority of them time hmmm .___.

Outfit Details:

Coat: Dorothy Perkins 
Top: New Look 
Shorts: River Island 
Shoes: Gabor 
Bag: LE

Today is General Election day in the UK~ Votes are now closed, pretty excited to see which party will get selected! This is the OOTD I wore to school today. Colour blocking with accents. I didn't realise the colour scheme matched the British flag - blue, red and white. :') Guess I unconsciously / unintentionally dressed for the elections haha, thought it would be quite appropriate to make this outfit post. 

As for the hair bow, I DIYed it during Product Design today since I had some spare time. It matches the outfit well and adds a kawaii touch~

Did any UK readers here vote? Which party did you go with and why? ^__^
I went with Labour, due to the youth policies it offers were very appealing to me, in addition it benefits mine and future student's education more. Although there is the risk of crushing the UK's economy again, oopsss. 


  1. cute how you matched for the day! haha!!
    labour seems like the better choice for majority of countries who have those kinds of options.
    they usually target the younger generation, liberal seems to win a lot in our country :/ so the rich get richer and the poor stay poor lol

    1. That seems to be the case, majority of the students voted for Labour. Thats the like situation with Conservative here now .__.

  2. wow a really great outfit, I like the bow on your head a lot.
    Oh yes, I wanted to say that I am tomorrow on an anime Coconvention, I'll post in my blog over the weekend. =)