Omg I wrote this review 3 times and blogger didn't save it! *cries* I've been off the beauty grind for the past month - need to get my review game back on! I purchased some Leaders Insolution masks when I was in Hong Kong as I remember reading Xiaxue's post on it and they seemed really good! Cannot wait to go back in a few weeks! ^.^

Leaders Insolution is a Korean brand created and tested by a group of dermatologists. There are 17 variations in the range. Mela-Tox is their top seller - it's main function is whitening. Description "helps you get back that radiant, youthful glow. It brightens dull complexions by suppressing melanin production which causes pigmentation problems. The mask also moisturises and diminishes blemishes."

How to use:

  • Apply the mask after cleansing and toning your face
  • Leave it on for 15 - 20 minutes
  • Massage or dab the remaining essence for your skin to adsorb it

I like that the packaging clearly states the function/effect of the mask, what corners it helps with and the skin type it is suited for - makes it easy for user to identify which mask would benefit their skin the most. The pill detailing is cute too.

The mask was not lined with plastic - I'm starting to notice a lot of Korean sheet masks don't. The sheet is made from silk cellulose and the size of the mask was perfect for my face - fitted very well and did not slide. This is key factor as it enables maximum absorption without essence dripping. The scent of the mask was very subtle and does not linger. The essence was thicker than regular mask - which hydrated and plumped my skin very well. When you take off the mask it leaves a gel film behind, I'm not sure if it supposed to be an protective barrier? It's quite sticky and takes a few minutes to dry and absorb in.

After 20 minutes - my skin was significantly brightened, it looked clear and radiant like kpop celebrities waaa~ *^* Temporally rid my blemishes too, need to constantly use it every week to maintain the results and "suppress melanin production". The results were very impressive! I recommend this for people with dry or normal skin more. I have oily skin and I think the essence may a bit a little too rich for me, since I had a few little pimples the following days after.

Rating: 7/10


  • Does not contain mineral oil, silicon, artificial pigment or paraben (preservative)
  • Brightened and cleared my skin tone
  • Mask is perfect size, fits very well to your face
  • Rich essence that hydrates well
  • Reduced blemishes 


  • Has a sticky finish
  • Essence may be too rich for people with oily skin
  • Only available in Asia (I think) and online

Have you tried any Leader Insolution products? ^.^


  1. I have tried masks from this brand before, I forgot if i was impressed or not hahaha
    but i think i enjoy mask sheets that dont come with a plastic lining, i just hate how messy it gets with the lining xD

    1. Woahhh you've tried so many masks! Im started to get used to no lining :')