Throwback post~ 14.04.15

My friend Cindy came over to the UK~ (she's from the Netherlands and has the cutest accent ever!) So I took a spontaneous trip London to visit her. Met up with her and another friend at Shakespeare's Globe (London Bridge), which I had not been to before. It was utterly beautiful! I really should check out more London's tourist spots/sights instead of shopping all the time. A heat wave struck and my god, I was boiling in my sweater, but thankfully it covered and protected me from the strong sun rays. We then headed to Chinatown for food (typical chinky) and off to Greenwich. Completely stunned by the beauty of the modern architecture and refreshing greenery there. Finished the day off with some Oxford Street shopping because welllll you have to! Such a fun day, I want to relive it again!

Outfit Details

Sweater: Uneek 
Blouse: New Look 
Leggings: Miss Guided 
Shoes: Gabor 
Bag: Vans Off The Wall

As for my outfit; super casual - the red vibes were calling me! When does it not? xDD So I reached out for my oversized burgundy sweater, it always complements my hair colour(s) really well~ Paired it with wet look leggings, 100% recommend if you want your legs to look more toned and elongated haha. Topped it off with a gold peter pan necklace to add a little detail to this simple look. ^^ This outfit reminds me of primary school days~ My co-worker thought I wore school uniform to work once. xD

Have you travel anywhere recently? :')

Have a good day~ ^__^


  1. wow, a really great outfit.
    I like the top part really well. and the chain is also pretty. =)

  2. Lovely look *--*
    You are veryyy cute <3

  3. I love your outfits~ The sweater totally matches your hair xDD Like the little peter pan detail too :)

  4. I really love your look! I'm sad that although I visited London a bunch of times when I lived in Europe, I never did any of the traditional touristy things. Recently I visited bali though! I will go back to the UK one day!

    { }

    1. Thank you~ ^^ agh you should try next time you're here ^^ Oh wowww Bali is stunning!