My waifu got me these beauty supplement as part of my belated birthday present so I am not to sure of the price, but according to her it was something around £5 to £8.

There are 30 capsules in the packet - one capsule per day to last you for one month. The purpose of these beauty supplements is to persevere the moisture in your skin and improve dryness to make your skin appear healthy and hydrated. I trailed these back in January, as it's recommend to take these during Winter / the drier seasons.

Product Description: 

"Our skin contains ceramics which help to reserve skin moisture against natural loss. however, the disturbance of skin surface by external harmful factors changes the distribution of ceramides and its loss, the skin's moisture will gradually lose, making our skin look dry and unhealthy, A regular supplement of ceramide would improve the ability of moisture preservation in the skin.

The capsules comes in collagen shells with DHC marked on each one. They don't particularly have a taste, only a subtle hint of the collagen shell. The first week of trailing these supplements, I did not see any results, I carried on trailing them incase it may of been due to slow results. However, after completing the 30 day course I still did not notice any difference nor improvements. It may have provided some benefits if the concentration was higher or maybe it's due to different body types. I personally think it's due to the body breaking down the ceramide in the digestion process before it has the chance to provide any benefits. 


To sum this up, this product is pretty much useless and theres not much to say about it.


0.5/10 (i'll give it 0.5 literally just for the creative idea)

Have you tried any beauty supplements before? If so, did they work out for you? ^^


  1. Wow O: Normally japan things work but these pills :'D I think that using lotion and aloe vera might be more effective!
    Petite Cherry Review @ bijou-heart

    1. yep using aloe is definitely more effective indeed~


  2. Thank you for your review, now I know bescheit.

  3. I've never tried anything like this before, I'm usually quite dismissive of pills and supplements but maybe that's just me>.< Perhaps one day someone will invent something that actually gives results, that'd be nice haha^^ Thanks for sharing your experience though! x

  4. Thanks for the honest review! :)
    I don't really try any supplements, i've been on some before but then I get too lazy to keep taking them haha so I never know whether they work or not haha

  5. woahh beauty pills~ Interesting! Especially this product, cuz i've never heard of supplements for dry skin. I'm a big fan of hair pills with biotin and zinc. My hair will look healthier and get also stronger hehe

    1. It was my first time too :') Woahhh I have yet to try hair pills~ ^^ good with it!