Overdue post due to exams at the time and on going projects - sorries! Another collaboration post with Dresslink~ Gianna from DL was kind enough to contact me and send me some awesome items to review and to share my experience with you guys. 

What is Dresslink?

For those that have not heard of Dresslink before, it's a online fashion retailer based in Hong Kong that sells a vast range of fashion products at affordable prices. When you sign up, you'll receive a $50 cash coupon that you can use to reduce 15% off your sub total, minus the shipping cost. They also give discount codes via email too.

Shipping cost:

They offer 6 different shipping methods, so that you can select the method most suitable for your needs and the country you live in. Dresslink thoughtfully have a Shipping Guide to give you more information to make selection easier. You can chose which method during checkout. The cost depends on the weight and size of your order. The shipping cost is fantastic like their product prices.

My total order came to USD$24.15 - Subtotal being $17.79 and shipping cost at $6.36. I also used my Cash Coupon, which reduced $1.78 off my order. The final total being $22.37. The method I used was China Post, which takes 10 to 25 business days to arrive. I ordered on May 20th, it was processed the next day with a tracking number and provided me a link that enabled me to see where my package was. I received my order on 4th June - 15 days later. Pretty good considering it was all way from Hong Kong to UK.

What Did I Order? 

I ordered 4 items, everything was neatly packed and each item was packaged individually too. (I am currently on vacation so I don't have the items with me to photograph. >.< Thankfully I have featured some in my previous posts. ^.<)

1) Round 50s Steampunk Sunglasses - Colour 1 

I LOVEEEE these glasses! There are 10 colours available - I opted out for "Colour 1" which has black lenses and black frames with a gold rim. I personally think the size of the glasses are perfect! Not too small, not too big; suits my fussy perfectionist needs. Due to its perfect size, these glasses should fit well with all types of face shapes and sizes. The quality is really good! Not cheap or flimsy, I can see these lasting for a long time without breaking. Dresslink have added more sunglasses to their store - so many tears of happiness for glasses enthusiast like me~ QwQ"

2) BADMAN Crop Top 

You may recognise this from my wishlist~ Digging the pun of this shirt bad man in stead of bat man. :') The graphic shirt is designed beautifully; the illustration is large enough to make an edgy statement. The crop of the shirt is not too exposing. It's oversized, flowy and lightweight - great for summer. I think this looks great paired with a red tartan shirt, in the photo above I paired it with a black and red blouse. One thing to note, i've noticed that shirt stretched the more I washed it .__. The quality of the material could be improved.

3) Korean Fashion Glasses - Caramel

Another pair of glasses because as mentioned above i'm a glasses enthusiast hue. Censored my face because I looked conceited and i'm not very fond of these photos. >.< Posted them anyway so you can see how they fit your face. ^^

There are 3 colours available. I got them in the colour caramel, as I own too many black glasses and thought it would be a nice subtle change. These are fashion frames, so the lenses are plain and don't have prescription. Eason Chan owns one very similar too~ I like how these make you appear more intelligent and adds a classy touch to your outfits. The price is a killer - the quality is good and well made, it doesn't even look like it only costed $3.20 wtffff. QwQ

4) Zeagoo 3/4 Sleeve Casual Patchwork Contrast Dress 

Last item~ Such a simple piece; it can be casual, formal or suited for parties depending how you style it. Here, I dressed it up with a floppy hat for a more classy every day look. The dress is made from polyester and spandex which in traps moisture, so I don't recommend wearing this during summer. Boyyyy you will boil, no joke! xD Ideal for autumn and spring though :') It's also short, so wear it with safety shorts under. Leggings would great with it during the colder seasons.

Would I order from Dresslink again?

These items where sent to me, so technically I didn't purchase them myself. However I genuinely had a good experience with them, so yes I definitely will be ordering from them in the future. Shipping was relatively quick and I am currently eyeing on a lot of other items! :') I did not experience any problems with them, but if I were to their customer service was great. The email response was quick and Gianna was very friendly! ^__^ I received emails whenever I visited the site to ensure I had no problems. *inserts proof* 

Customer service is key to me and effects my decision on purchasing from a company. Kudos to Dresslink. Clothing wise, you get the quality you pay for. it could be improved but hey the price is a absolute killer. :') As for accessories, glasses in my case exceeded my expectation and I utterly adore them! ^.^

Hope you found this post informative! I tried to include as much details as possible without it being too long (otherwise I myself would have gotten bored xD) as some people tend to be skeptical from shopping on new sites. ^^

Have you tried out Dresslink before? :')

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  1. Great review, I can really tell you spend some time on this! Also, you are so pretty and your hair is amazing!


    1. Thank you~ yess, i wanted to include a lot of detail ^^ awww thank you lovely <3

  2. Very interesting.
    The price also quite cheap ^^
    What lipstick you wear on the 1st pic?


  3. Ładny i ciekawy blog oraz zdjęcia.
    Zapraszam: http://marzenczas.blogspot.com/

  4. Thanks for the comment you left on my blog! Love yours too <3


  5. you have the nicest fashion sense seriously~~
    i really love those clear frame glasses!!

    1. thank you~ ^^ you have nice fashion yourself ^.<