LET IT GOooo~ Such a catchy but irritating song! You guys were most curious about the Frozen Ballistic from my LUSH Haul so I decided to try out this first. ^^ An Oxford Street exclusive; inspired by the Disney movie - Frozen, a magical excitement any Disney fan could ask for. Frozen is a playful bath bomb that contains grapefruit oil and Tunisian neroli oil to thaw you into the iciest of moods. 

It's wayyyy to hot for baths in summer, so I did use this in a cold bath. Bringing out the ice queen within me~ The second you drop the bomb into the water, an explosion of colour turns the water into a gorgeous icy cool blue. It bubbles a lot, creating a blanket that covers the surface. It contains shimmer and silver glitter that glistens throughout the bath, perfect lustre that fits well with the Frozen theme. The glitter reminds me of Elisa's magic and of snowstorms. This ballistic reflects the key elements of the film wonderfully.

My bath tub was filled with shimmer afterwards. 

Honestly at first I was not sure what scent to expect from this ballistic, I was like "Eh what does snow or ice smell like? .___." The scent took me by surprise; the neroli oil provides a lovely light floral scent that is sweet, while the uplifting fruity grapefruit oil balances it out with it's deeper notes. Creating a gentle beautiful harmony - light and uplifting. The fragrance lasts throughout the bath experience and lingers gently.

A very exciting bath bomb, that hydrates your skin and leaves subtle shimmer on you skin, making your skin radiate when you get out the bath tub. The downside of the shimmer and glitter is that it does stick to your bath tub afterwards, so a rinsing is required to get rid of it.


  • Turns water into a gorgeous bold icy blue
  • Hydrating
  • MAGIICCCC - shimmer and glitter
  • Gentle and uplifting scent


  • Bath tub left with shimmer, will require rinsing

Rating: 8/10

What do you think of this ballistic? ^^
Hoping to pick up some more in August for you guys to try this out too! :')


  1. Oh my lord. THIS BATH BOMB IS SO PRETTY *DIES* I love all of LUSH's products omg. There was this lush store right next to my HS so you can imagine where I went after school LOL But I don't use bath bombs because I feel that they may stain my tub. The Frozen bath bomb looks absolutely magical and fits the name as well :D Reminds me of Elsa!

    Do you want to build a snow man?~~~~

    Jessie @ bijou-heart

    1. Itseven more gorgeous i real life *^* hahahha omg I would be so broke if had a usb near my HS xDD Oooo i haven't though about the stinting O.O thankfully haven't experienced any so far ^^

      Come on lets go and play~

  2. You did great pictures, it looks amazing!! xxx

  3. i like this =D thes is so cool =D