You know what happiness is? Coming home after a hard-working or tiring day to some lovely lush relaxation! My waifu brought me this simply because of the name haha. #immature xDD

Sex Bomb is one of Lush's most popular bath bombs, its supposed to relax you giving you some sensual healing so you "feel in the mood"... It contains jasmine, ylang ylang and clary sage, which helps to clear your mind and soothe your worries. It also contains soya milk which has soothing conditioning benefits to heal your skin.

The bath bomb beings to fizzle the second you drop it into the water. I found that Sex Bomb fizzled more gentle and dissolved slower than Big Blue. The water turns into a cute milky pink colour; the highlight of this bomb is when the flower releases, expands and then floats around - a nice touch and pretty sight. After a while the petals get soggy, they didn't dissolve so I ended up mashing them up between my fingers.

The scent was not as strong as Big Blue; it was very subtle - hints of jasmine floral aroma. I would describe the scent as pretty and feminine rather than sexy and sensual. I just don't think the name suits the ballistic at all - Jasmine Delight maybe? (I'm terrible at giving names so actually I can't say anything lol) It felt gentle and innocent to me. xD It does smell lovely though! :')

After my experience, I found my skin to be soft and hydrated. Cleared up my thoughts pretty well too, I felt focused to do my revision (and also like a little fairy - as weird as that sounds xD). As for the scent, it does linger however since its quite subtle, its not that noticeable.


  • Turns water into a cute milky pink
  • Soft and hydrated skin after use
  • Lovely scent
  • Romantic flower touch


  • Scent a bit too subtle? Would prefer it to be stronger ^^

Rating: 7/10


It's a wonderful treat and great for special occasions, not an essential though. I would recommend this for those that love subtle scents and florals, especially jasmine. I personally prefer stronger scents so I would opt out for a different ballistic. ^^

What kind of scents do you like? :') Tell me in the comment section below~ ^.^
Have a great day <3


  1. I love lush haha This bomb bath has an awesome design and I am sure It smells so good =) Great review honey
    Lots of kisses ^_^

  2. damn i wish i had a bad haha :'')