My current favourite outfit; I utterly adore this! I think I've worn enough colour for the last few outfits, so back to the dark side I go~ My hair can be the colour statement - speaking of which I need to get chopped off! :') 

I tried taking photos outside today, however the lighting was so bad! >< It was either too bright or too dark. Anyway, here is the outfit I pulled together. I would say this is more of a summer transition to autumn outfit due to it being dark, but its also a great outfit for those of you that still wear black in summer.

A t-shirt dress with mesh panelling, casual and simple yet edgy. I took the edginess to the optimum by styling it with some cool accessories - spiked crossed necklace, steam punk circle glasses, suspender belts and a fedora hat. There's something about fedora and floppy hats that reminds me of witches, which is why I felt it was very propitiate for this outfit. I wore safety shorts under as it's quite short. Lastly, I paired this dress with some awesome leather chunky boots and wah la~

To top it off, I wore a gorgeous berry purple lipstick from MUA to add some more dark vibes. I will be reviewing the lipstick soon, so stay tuned for it! ^__^

Outfit Details:

Dress: Miss Guided
Glasses: Dresslink 
Hat: H&M
Shoes: Topshop
Necklace: Select

Tell me below, which fashion style do you stan? ^^
Have a good day! <3


  1. Your outfit is stunning here *V* I really like the mesh shirt and the glasses, they're to die for! I can't wear sunglasses because I have near blind bad eyes LOL so sad :'D But I also love your leg garters *O* Do you own the heart leg garters?!
    Jessie @ bijou-heart

    1. Thank you~ ^^ ahhhh wear contacts? ^^
      Nopeee I'm thinking of getting the star one ^.^

  2. The details are really amazing. sooo in love with your suspender belts~ You look very badass ^^
    A C Y H O Z - blog

  3. Love your sunglasses, your hair, your dress, pretty much everything!
    The outfit looks so edgy and gorgeous on you!

    Much love

  4. I really love your outfit!! <3 the suspenders gives it a nice touch

  5. noo this is the actual cool! love your style more! thnkyou for stopping by!

    I have followed you! waiting for your turn! so we can keep in touch

    Greeting from Indonesia,