Bicelle HK$750 (£61.76 /$96.77) for 60ml

Bicelle products are raved highly by Hong Kong bloggers so I decided to give the HYDRA B5 Gel serum a try while I was there~

Product Description:

The serum's technology is quite intriguing and unique; "Tri-Hydra Triangle Medical System" targets 3 skin major concerns to keep skin moist and ensures it lasts.

  1. Hydra - (rehydration) it contains sodium hyaluronate (25% hyaluronic acid) and vitamin B5, which holds up to 1000x it's weight in water allowing it to combine with water and penetrate the skin to keep it hydrated. 
  2. Antioxidant - green tea extracts and centella to neutralize free radicals and antioxidant repair to repair skin tissues, enhancing the skin's natural moisture barrier to increase the skin's water holding capacity.
  3. Regeneration - peptides to promote cell growth and regeneration, this helps to delay skin ageing, enhance absorption and helps skin to lock in moisture for smooth skin.


The gel comes in a glass bottle with a manual pump; hygienic and easy to control the desired amount. The texture is slightly thicker than water and has no scent. It absorbs rapidly like your skin is drinking up the moisture.

Usage and Results:

To use the product your face must be damp or you can mix 3 - 4 drops with a little water. I wasn't aware of this the first time I used it and found the results to be not so good (basically sh***tttt). I apply it on a damp face and found it helped to absorb in moisture much better. After using this for a while, my skin is definitely more hydrated and smooth. It took some time before results started to kicked in.


I personally think the product is overhyped and not to mention hella overpriced. It does provide my skin more moisture and makes it slightly smoother. Not a bad product but doesn't give impressive results either. Light, gentle and does not cause any irritaion, great for people with sensitive skin. I can't comment on it delaying skin aging or reducing fine lines as I don't have any. The serum is definitely overpriced, i've seen some places sell it for HK$1,300 (£107.67 / $167.74)! The price is a downside to some and would prevent people from purchasing it. Personally, I don't mind spending extra on skincare however my bottle smashed! Dx Had to quickly transfer it to another bottle. Rippp money and product leaked. Be careful with the product!

Rating: 6/10

Have you guys tried any Bicelle products? ^^


  1. I can't believe it was so expensive! >//<

    Have you tried vitamin C serums before? I've been using Banish Acne Scars Vitamin C, E, Ferulic Acid Serum for about a year now... and although it doesn't provide any moisture, it makes my skin look and feel amazing.

    I definitely recommend it, if that's the kind of result you're looking for.

    1. Oooo i have Banish Acne Scars Vitamin C serum, as I won one of Daisy's giveaways :') soooo good for scars! ^^
      Im more after hydration~

  2. I;ve never tried the bicelle products , actually never heard of them, but I'm surprised at how pricey it is! i am using the klairs serum and it works wonders but I keep forgetting/lazy to use it so its just sitting there haha :'D

    Jessie @ bijou-heart

    1. i've heard Klairs products are pretty good~ hahaha tutut can't be lazy with skincare ^.<

  3. omg so expensive D: well... i keep using my things hehe ♥

  4. Damn so expensive. But thanks for the honest review!! :)