The Body Shop £14 (*Gift - Thank you Jess <3 ^^)

You may have seen this featured in my SHOWER SHELFie - Shower Confidential~ I'll tell you a little story behind this gift. ^^ Jess got me mango specifically because this one time, she persuaded me to do an all-nighter revision session with her. She was hungry at the time (as alwaysss); searching through my kitchen there were mangos and flour. 11pm night time, I traveled all the way to her accommodation to bring her a mango and flour (to make pancakes). No pancakes were made, barely any revision was done and we ended up at a party lmao. A gift for the memories of our retarded friendship. xD

Enough rambling, time for the review!~ ^^

Packaging and Product:

The butter comes in a leak proof container with 200ml of product. The Mango Body Butter is formulated for very dry skin. It has a fresh exotic mango scent that is to die for! The scent is wonderful and invigorating~ Mango lovers are bound to adore this, it smells that nice, you will be tempted to eat it. :')

As for the product itself, it has a very thick texture and is quite heavy but absorbs into the skin quickly. I don't recommend this during summer or for those that live in humid countries due to the heaviness. It can feel greasy if you apply too much. However, it effectively provides the 24 hour hydration that it claims. The butter melts into your skin, intensely moisturising and nourishing it, leaving it feeling smooth. Definitely recommend for my dry skin friends. ^.<


I really enjoy using this butter, a lovely treat and luxury for your body~ It works effectively, moisturises really well and has a killer fragrance! I 100% recommend this (NOT IN SUMMER though!). Definitely a reach for product during winter. The fragrance will bring you some tropical vibes incase you're reminiscing them sunny vacations.

Rating: 8.5/10

Have you tried any of the well known Body Shop butters? ^^


  1. OMG. Ive been eyeing this for so long QAQ like omg. Mango is my favorite fruit lol and like body butter *O*
    Jessie @ bijou-heart

  2. Great post dear!

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  3. Great review :D I love the smell of mango and it's winter now so maybe next time I go shopping this product will find a way to me, haha x'D

    xoxo, Merce

    1. ahahaha i hope youll love the product when it finds it well to you ^.<

  4. I love TBS body butter! never tried the mango one, maybe i'll get this next time :)

    Beauty Appetite

  5. Body shop body butter is definitely my fav too! I like their shea one

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    1. Ooo i havent tried their shea one yet!
      aww thank you :')