The cold isn't going to stop me from clubbing or partying~ Switching over to sleeved dresses and blazers I go. How alluring is this dress?! Simple yet sexy; absolute killer for clubbing. Evening parties too if you like. It defines your body nicely and shows off your figure, I wore an elastic belt on top to accentuate the waist line further. A gold belt would have stunning and glam-ed up the dress (I still need to invest in one xD.) It does make my legs appear thicker, which i'm not too fond of. Loving the small asymmetric detail, I am a sucker for anything that has an irregular hem. I recall MissGuided having loads of asymmetric skirts wah, will need to get some!

Outfit Details:

Dress: NewDress (sponsored*)
Belt: eBay 

Kept this post short, as a long one (like realllyyyyyy long) is on the way~ ^^


  1. This dress is fabulous and you wear it so well...perfect for clubbing indeed!!!!!!!!

  2. love the dress, but I love ur hair the most ^^

  3. Looks gorgeous on you Michelle^^ Definitely an awesome look for a night out! x

  4. The dress looks absolutely gorgeous!! and wtf your legs don't look thick at all!!
    i also need to invest in a gold belt :) thanks for the reminder which i would probably forget in like...i'll probably forget after i post this comment LOL