Fashion and Beauty shopping Apps seem to be the trend now aye? First I was introduced to YesStyle's Fashion App now DealSale's. In collaboration with DealSale, i'll be reviewing their mobile application. DealSale is App that offers a variety of products from beauty to fashion, so that you can shop anywhere on the go~ Great for those long train journeys and lecture breaks. :')

I am actually an iPhone user (so the print-screens below are from my iPhone ^^), but since I recently smashed the screen, for aesthetic reasons I used a Samsung to show the app in the photos above~ The App is free; available for iPhone and Android users. You can find the App by simply searching "DealSale" in the App Store or in Google Play. Once it's finished downloading, you can launch the App and start your shopping spree! 


The App is simple to use; the products are categorised under the tabs - All, Beauty, Accessories, Women, Designers, Kids, USA Warehouse and Bags. Just touch the category you're interested it and start scrolling down to browse the items. I do wish that the App had sorting and filter options to make browsing more efficient and more user friendly. 


After a quick browse, I picked out 2 dresses and added them to my cart. The prices are very affordable, yasss! I like how the app tells you how much quantity of the item DealSale has left. I didn't keep track of the date my order arrived (sorries!) as I'm currently busy moving to uni! ^.^ But it arrived roughly 2 weeks after my order was placed and I experienced no problems with my order. *happy times*

1) O-Neck Backless Loose Shift Dress in Black

This is the first dress I picked out; its available in black and white. I really like how casual this is, it screams sweater weather to me. Your back will probably be shivering though, you've been warned. :')

(Lesson learnt, don't take photos at 7pm otherwise you'll appear ghostly! T___T please excuse my grey lifeless looking skin tone in the up coming photos ;__;)

The back of this shift dress is a killer! I am completely digging the T cutout. I wore a sports bra under, thats why I have more straps at the back. The O neck cut is lovely too! I'm a sucker for off shoulder tops or anything with irregular cuts~ (because i'm clearly not a basic xD). Just kidding! A little skin exposure gives you them sexy vibes and make you feel confident. ^^  The material of the dress is very soft and warm, however it was a lot longer than I expected (or maybe i'm just short xD), I should have ordered it in a smaller size. >//<

2) Patchwork Bodycon Mini Dress

The second dress~ simple yet unique design. This would be great for formal parties. It has a cheeky mesh panel (on the left side if you haven't noticed ^^), if you wanted to wear this for work, you could wear a tank top under so that the mesh doesn't expose your skin. Lovely dress! The material is chiffon, which I think is an slightly eccentric choice to make a bodycon dress with. 

That's it for the mini DealSale haul~ Bet some of you guys didn't expect there to only be 2 items considering how I usually have a lot. xD Quite a fun app to use; I believe DealSale is relativity new so I am looking forward to see what future items they have and any future improvements/changes they'll make.

If you want to find out more information about the DealSale App, you can visit Alternatively you can visit the App Store or Google Play to check it out for yourself. ^.<

What are your thoughts on fashion and beauty apps? :')

*This post is sponsored by: DealSale


  1. First off - I love your new hair color! :)
    And that first dress is totally cute!!!!! ♥♥♥
    I've never really used any fashion or beauty app before but I think I would prefer looking through clothes through my laptop because the screen is a lot wider and you can glance through more clothes faster. :)

    1. Thank you! ^^
      Its my second using them but properly first time purchasing something from one :') Ooo you could try using a tablet instead? :')

  2. The second dress looks awesome *O* Really really pretty. The first one looks really comfy ^-^

    xoxo, Merce

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  9. This seems like a great ap...and I must say that you look divine in both of these dresses.

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