I just finished watching the latest episode of Running Man - TruGary Show Returns. The more I watched it, the more it hit me in the feels (rather than me usually having a good laugh) because Gary was so desperate to escape the deserted island so that he could finish recording his new album - 2002. It just made me want to give him a hug! TwT" and it made me really admire how hard working, determine and sporting he is. I do think it's sweet the PDs made this episode to support Gary and promote the album; the ep aired on 20.09 which gave viewers a snippet of Get Some Air just the day before Gary released the MV and 2002.

There are 10 tracks in the album; he worked really hard and put his soul into it for a year and half to create this perfection~

개리 1집 – 2002
Release Date: 21.09.2015


01. 어차피 잘 될 놈 (루져 날다) (feat. Koonta)
02. 둥둥 (feat. Skull, Deepflow)
03. 엉덩이 (feat. 박재범) *Title
04. 랩해 (feat. DJ Pumkin)
05. 바람이나 좀 쐐 (GET SOME AIR) (feat. MIWOO) *Title
06. MUSHI MUSHI (feat. 박명호, Double K, Don Mills)
07. 뚝방의 꿈 (feat. 존 박)
08. SHIPAPA (feat. 정인, MIWOO)
09. ALCOHOL FEELING (feat. 정인)
10. 허해 (feat. 영준 Of Brown Eyed Soul)
You can purchase the album from iTunes~ 

Yes, if you didn't know I'm a Running Man fan. It's the only variety show i've watched every single episode and am up to date with. :') I feel like writing KPop/Drama/Shows related posts again, since thats how my blog first began. What do you think? ^^ anddd have you watched any new KDrama recently that you recommend? I haven't been keeping up ooppss >//<


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