"The path to your dreams is rarely liner. You gotta zig zag your way to happiness." - Karen Salmansohn

Playing a bit of dress of up~ Something slightly new for me but I think it looks quite nice~ ^.^ Let me tell you something, it's not actually a dress haha. It's a romper, layered with a leather skirt on top, betcha would of never guessed that. xD The zig zag pattern is so fun and attention grabbing. My favourite part of this outfit has to be the crochet detailing, adds an elegantly touch and helps to soften the boldness of the zig zags. This outfit is chic and is quite formal, so it would be lovely for evening dinner or parties.

Outfit Details:

Romper: NewDress 
Skirt: Miss Guided 


  1. love this outfit so much <3 ur so so cute~

  2. Replies
    1. Thank you! still need to work on the belly flub doe xD

  3. Your figure looks so pretty in this dress^^ I also really love your hair colour at the moment (in fact whatever colour it always looks nice on you!). Thanks for sharing your cute outfit Michelle!


  4. Its quite unique with the different patterns and textures! :D i like it but i really hate rompers lol they are cute but so not convenient when going to the toilet hahaha

    1. ikr~ so pretty but inconvenient xDD luckily this one is actually backless so its really easy to take off :')