The packing of the kit caught my eye, I love how modern chic the design is. I've also seen a lot of hype on Bleach London products so I thought i'll give it a try. 

The box comes with:

  • Instruction leaflet
  • Developing lotion (peroxide) 80ml
  • Bleaching powder 25g x 2
  • Reincarnation mask 50ml
  • Tray
  • Tint Brush
  • Gloves

From the content of kit the itself, I can tell that Bleach London has put a lot of thought into it. They've added a tray for mixing, which I like as some bleaches kits that don't contain one. They've also taken the tint brush into consideration and designed it with a long tail, making it easier to section your hair. Lastly they've added a small 50ml size of their Reincarnation Mask into the kit, which is great as it not only allows the user to repair and hydrate their hair after bleaching it, but to try out the mask before they purchase the full size. 


  • Pour the 2 packets of bleach powder
  • Pour the whole bottle of bottle in
  • Mix until a cream consistency is achieved

The process is very simple. The tray was a bit small to comfortably mix everything together, so it took a while to mix it. I found that the bleach powder was very dusty, so be careful that you don't breath any in. The consistency of the mixture was creamy, smooth and thick. The tint brush was great, it made application to the roots very easy.

I ended up using 2 boxes, as my hair is long and just to ensure that my whole head was saturated with bleach. I was surprised as to how quickly the bleached starting lifting, my roots was already a yellow colour at 30 minutes. It didn't itch my scalp during the process, however my scalp had a weird numb feeling after rinsing.

Hair colour before bleaching:

Personally I think my hair colour is great for this review since its multicoloured~ xD You'll be able to see how much the bleach lifts on dark hair, already bleached hair and on semi-permenanct dyes.

Hair after 1 hour of bleach:

My hair colour is uneven since I had multi-colour, another bleaching will do the job~ ^^. The roots  lifted to a bright yellow. The brown sections lifted a bright orange. (My natural hair colour is black, so the results will vary for people with natural brown hair) The bleached sections lifted to platinum and there is still a tint of pink where the pink dye previously was.

The Reincarnation Mask did a great job, it made my hair very smooth and manageable. The mask offers the same results as more expensive masks like the Macadamia Oil Deep Repair Mask, except that it requires you to leave it on for longer (10-20minutes) instead of 3-5mins.


  • Simple and easy to do, great for beginners
  • Does lift colour up to 7 levels
  • Does not burn the scalp 
  • Comes with a great repair mask thats does the job


  • More damaging than other bleaches I haves tried (VERY damaging)

Rating: 6.5/10

Would I repurchase?

Maybe - great value for the whole kit and powerful lifting the bleach does. However its more damaging compared to other drugstore bleaches i've tried.

Would I recommend?

Depends - if you're not concerned about the condition of your hair and want a strong lifting power then yes. This bleach lifted my hair more than other bleaches in the drugstore. However this bleach also is definitely the most damaging bleach i've tried, my ends are now fried, so I need to trim my hair >.< If your hair is already damaged or you won't want a huge amount of damage to your hair then no. I recommend to try a different and less damaging bleach.

Have you tried any of Bleach London's products? ^^

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