I'll make a little guilty confession - when I purchased this, I had no idea what this product does or what a tonic even is, I just remembered seeing tonics when I worked at a hair salon. So I was curious as to what it does and purchased it. 

With research and more experience, I have learnt that tonics are used to style hair. Its supposed to make hair healthy, so that it easier to manage and style. People with dry hair can benefit from tonics, as they can moisture the hair, which will add shine and help prevent split ends. They can also add volume to the hair.

This tonic appealed to me as the description claimed "The repair formula cares and gives shine." A product that cares and gives shine to dry, damage hair? Yes please! My hair is very dry and damaged, which is no new surprise to me. I expect it with the amount of heat I use and how I constantly dye my hair.

I spray this onto my hair after i've finished blow drying it or straightening it. The tonic sprays out as a fine mist. The tonic has a soft and sweet scent, I would say a milk and honey scent. It instantly leave your hair shiny, making it look healthier. I've noticed it does make your hair feel smooth, so there are less tangles. However I didn't notice much difference for the repair care factor.

Rating: 6/10

Would I repurchase? 

Maybe - for something a little extra. The shine it gives is really nice, however I tend to forget to spray it and often neglect the product. 

Would I recommend it? 

The tonic is lightweight, it adds extra shine to your hair and makes it tangle less. If thats what you're looking for then yes I do recommend it to you.

Have you tried a tonic a before? ^_^

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