For 2014, the colour i'm a obsessed with the most is either pink or red. So for this festival look, pink and loads of flowers is a must! This look has a hint of colour yet it is natural and soft, so it could be worn for valentines day too~ ^__^ The purpose of the pink is add a bit of colour and to complement floral headbands.

Products I Used:

1. First apply your BB cream or foundation.

2. Eye makeup pictorial~

3. Apply bronzer to contour and add colour to your face
*derpy moment - I just realised I didn't photograph the bronzer, my bad. >.<*

4. Finish off with a light pink or peachy pink lipstick.

You are now complete!~ ^__^

My take on the "festival" look. xDD Think I should I have added more flowers or patterns >.<

What fun looks have you tried out this summer? ^^ Share them with me~

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