On Lee So Ra's Music Plaza, Secret revealed how they maintain their slim figure.

Sunhwa: When she has time and is not on schedule, she does 1 hour and 30 minutes of aerobic exercises on a empty stomach. So that she'll be able to eat all day.

Hyosung: Only worries exercises when she has gained weight

Hana: She eats what she wants for one meal a day. Hyosung and other celebrities such as Ga In have been on a One Meal Diet too, click here for more on the 'One Meal Diet' 

Ji Eun: When she's on a diet, she reduces her calorie in take by decreasing the number of meals she eats. She will either skip breakfast and eat little for lunch + dinner or she will skip break and and lunch and only eat dinner. (one meal diet)

What do you think of Secret's methods? ^^ 
For Secret's strict diet you can click here to see what they eat~

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