Hairstyle Update #1: Long Bob / Sulli's hair

August 30, 2014

After all the bleaching i've done during last week and in the past, my hair was ridiculously damaged. My hair has never been this damaged before, so I went to the hairdressers to get a trim. I asked for 3 inches to be cut off, so that I could grow out the damage and cut it off over time. However my hairdressers cut off more hair than I expected, 6/7inches. I genuinely thought my hairdressers was joking when she said she would chop off all the damaged ends (the ends of my hair has been bleached over 8 times) and well... she actually did cut it off. .___. So now my hair is short, I would describe it as a long bob. Since it doesn't touch my boobs and its longer than shoulder length.

This is what it looks like~ (after I curled it ^^)
You may have seen it on my Instagram, since I didn't update my blog for a week and now I am slowly   back tracking posts~ 

I was quite sad at first; had my little cries on Facebook and Twitter haha. But hey hair grows back, so its not the end of the world~ I haven't had this length hair since I was 12/13, so I guess its a nice unexpected change. I think this hair style looks really cute curled and that it suits my blonde well. I know the extra heating from curling isn't good, but I don't think I can put off this hair style straight.

My new hairstyle also reminds me of F(x)'s Sulli's hair ^^

Oh btw my hair before I got my hair cut~ so you can see how long and damaged it was before >.<

So have you changed your hairstyle recently or dye it? ^__^

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