Jessica announced on her Weibo that she'll be releasing her own fashion brand - BLANC ( Which will be launched in less than 2 more days, there is a countdown on the website to amp up the excitment. She also plans to launch her own perfume in 2015 F/W. For 2014, the first items she will be introducing are sunglasses. 

The items are inspired by Jessica's style, which she was took inspiration from her favourite cities around the world - Seoul, Tokyo, Hong Kong, New York and Paris. Cities all with great modern fashion. (London wasn't mentioned so I couldn't start singing Mr Taxi "Tokyo, Seoul, London, New York~)

Congratulations to Jessica! ^__^ I can't wait to see what she will bring to the fashion scene. 

The name BLANC, sounds very classy. Which you would except from Jessica, since she's known for her elegant and sleek fashion. She also known for her great fashion sense and talent for design. I think the name BLANC was well selected, since it gives off a classy impression, plus white is Jessica's favourite colour, so its not random. (Blanc means white in French, incase anyone doesn't know)

Jessica  is the first in Girls' Generation to launch own brand, but I think she's also the first to launch her own brand in the kpop industry too. I think that her fashion brand will be such an success, since so many love her of style (including me! ^^). She has a wide connection, inside, outside and behind the entertainment industry. The fact she has a huge passion for fashion and business, BLANC will be a brand truly from 200%+ of her efforts. So you know that she's not launching her own brand for the money. Although she will likely to become even more a millionaire by this.

What do you think of this? I'm very happy for Jessica since her hard work and dream/goal has finally paid off. Her great fashion sense, will introduce fascinating products and change the fashion industry itself. ^__^

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